August 2012 Short Story Contest

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A Free Short Story Contest

Gail Harkins – Rock My World (Best Romance)

Harry Alexiou – Hope and Despair (Best Maturation) 1st place

Randy Dutton – After the Waves (Best Storm Description) 2nd place

Laura Wormuth – Lockbox (Best Reconciliation) 3rd place

J Richard Jacobs – Clear Shot (Best Suspense & Best Hunt) 4th place

Peter Rogers – Last Thoughts (Best Underdog) 5th place

Oliver Charles Dolan – The City of Doves (Best Tearing Down Walls)

Sylvia Stein – The Hidden Message (Best Rebuilding)

Kristen Strassel – Til Death Do Us Part (Best Twist)

Richard Bunning – The Lost Urner-Rorreln Grape of Markgraflerland (Best Tragedy)

Janet Bond – A Lesson Learned (Best Character Contrast)

Alissa Harris – Alorian (Best Rivalry)

J Russell – Hither Hills (Best Rescue)

Lynette White – Kevin (Best Triple Pursuit)

Doug Clarke – Another Rainy Day (Best Food Delivery)

Arlene Lagos – Assumption (Best Discovery) 6th place

Prashant Kumar – Keep Faith (Best Story Sequence)

Lewis Campbell – The Box (Best Escape)

Sean Fanyak – A Day of Sunshine in Broken Hearts Valley (Best Grieving)

Allen Quintana – Sumer of Decadence (Best Forgiveness)

Simon Marshland – Unrequited Love (Best Forbidden Love)

Linda Hays-Gibbs – Camping Catastrophes (Best Surprise)

Torgrim Mellum Stene – Calypso (Best Characters)

Divvisha Bharti – The Journey of Hope (Best Search)