January 2013 Short Story Contest

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A Free Short Story Contest

Randy Dutton – Smithy’s Organ – Best Sequences

Susanta Pattnayak – The Hidden Treasure – Best Hostage

Janet Bond – Off to the Seas – Best Disappearing Character

Lynette White – Recruited – Best Story Shaping

Richard Bunning – For Whom the Bell’s Note Tolls –

Best Slave-Survivor Character

Harry Alexiou – The Honeymooners – Best “Robin Hood”

Alli Vaughan – Jackie and the Devil’s Doubloon –

Best Rescue Refusal

Randall Lemon – A Mouse, A Keg of Rum, and a Gunnery Mate – Best Rescue Cliffhanger

Jesse Colvin – For Rum and Money – Best Development

Mike Boggia – The Caribbean Goddess – Best “Wretched Excess”

Amos Parker – Best Multiple Stories

Mary Agrusa – A Brother’s Keeper – Best Tragedy

Doug Clarke – Finders Keepers – Best Buried Treasure

Jenise Erikson – The Sea Queen – Best Lover Search

Andy Lake – A Gentleman’s Tale of Betrayal Down Under –

Best Inner & Outer Conflicts

Colleen Sayre – Siren – Best Surprsie Ending

David Haley – When Sirens WaiL- Best Rising Tension

Nicole Hamm – Beautiful Scarlett – Best Shape-Shifter

Gail Harkins – Mergers and Acquisitions – Best Romantic Twist

Phil Monroe – Putas of the Caribbean – Best Trafficking Bust

Peter Rogers – Get Your Boucans Here –

Best Use of Historical Fact, Best Laurel & Hardy

James De Acutis  – Treasure Island – Best Forbidden Love

Christian Freed – From the Journal of Delbert the Dread –

Best Admiration Discovery

Scott Amis – The Mysterious Island – Best Escape

Sylvia Stein – The Scarlett Primus – Best Search Cliffhanger