March 2013 Short Story Contest

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A Free Short Story Contest

Harry Alexiou – The Statue in the Box

Randall Lemon – Wonderland Melodrama

Arlene Lagos – The Seeker Statue

Richard Bunning – The Last of the 30th Foot Regiment

Alli Vaughan – Grugle’s Change of Plans

Jon Ricson – Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum…and Your Little Dog too!

George Upper – Goliath

David Brown – Poe

Curt Hanson – A Cold Exchange

Amos Parker – Statue of Limitations

Susanta Pattnayak – Brother Bob

Douglas Clarke – Ready

Brandy A Marks – Warning, Warning, Warning

Randy Dutton – Face of Marks

Janet Bond – Glad to Head Home

Lynette White – Hunted

Mary Agrusa – The Hatchet Job

John Holbrook – The Sharp Return

Walter O’Neil – Votar’s Folly

Andy Lake – The Tragedy of Liberty

Jesse Colvin – Nick and the Gorgon

Scott Dutton – Firebrand

David Brown – Island of the Giants

Gail Harkins – Searching for Grace

Erin Lake – The Masters of the Universe

Sylvia Stein – The Angelic Statue

Laura Stafford – Giant’s Plaything