July 2013 Short Story Contest

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July Heat 2013

A Free Short Story Contest

Midnight Surprise by H.M. Schuldt

In Other Hands by Andy McKell

St. John’s Lily by Mike Boggia

Implosion by Lyn Alexander

Taking Liberties by Randall Lemon

The Blessing Way by Joyce Shaughnessy

The House on the Edge of Time by Gene Hilgreen

West of Lucky by Arlene Lagos

My Home by Kenneth C. Torrens

Shadow Children by Karen Beck

Flying Liberty by Tom Russell

The Green Invisible Mountain by Mirta Oliva

The Enchantress by Connie Flanagan

2050 – A Rebalanced World by Andy Lake

What? When? Where? By Walter O’Neill

My Servant by Bob Gaston

Oz and Up, An Intergalactic Subdivision Odyssey by Mary Agrusa

Alpha Lampus by Todd Folstod

The Fulgurites by Jenise Erikson

Why We Fly – A Bomber Boy by Tim Girard

In the Cooler by David Russell

A Very Unusual Day by Sylvia Stein

Sack by Alli Vaughan

Breakdown by Doug Clarke

Summer Magic by Rebecca Lacy

The Invitation by Shelly Harris

The Sacrifice by Lynette White

The Fortune Cookie Surprise by Lynn Johnston

All In A Day’s Work by Dorthe Moller Christensen

Give Me Liberty or Give Me…Wait! Is There a Third Choice? By Nadine Zimmerman

Celestial Swing by Lucy Lewis