August 2013 Short Story Contest

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A Free Short Story Contest

Sunnyville and the Magic Sparkler Tree by H.M. Schuldt

The Purple Meadow of Aseam by Nadine Zimmerman

Lily of the Nile by Kenneth C. Torrens

The Echoes of Her Past by Sylvia Stein

Just Breathe Slowly by Joyce Shaughnessy

The Marconi by Lucy Lewis

All Don, Well Done by David Russell

Something Purple by Linda J. Pifer

Winning Violets by Mike Boggia

Amethyst and Avarice by John Funke

Earth, Water, Air and Fire by Andy Lake

Flames of Red Make Violet Blue by Randall Lemon

Elta’s Folly by Lynette White

The Countrymen by Dorthe Moller Christensen

They Paved Paradise-Didn’t They! By Gene Hilgreen

In Jardin by Steven Shelton

A Tall Tale of Sorts by Mirta Oliva

A Mother’s Torment by Diane Timpone

The Violet by Maggie West Bean

Ol Jon Quil by Todd Folstad

Lothario by Tom Russell

Small Purple Catalyst by Suzanne H. Ferris

Zoe and the Dragon by Rebecca Lacy

Violet Berries by Lynn Johnston

Pretty Poison by Cyndy Kellerstedt

The Shrinking Violet by Mary Agrusa

Shadowdeep by Alli Vaughan

Turned to Stone by Arlene Lagos

Alone? By Douglas G. Clarke

Alone in the City by Helen Blenkinsop

The Stregha and the Grigori by Connie Flanagan

Together by Victor J.M. Christensen