September 2013 Short Story Contest

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A Free Short Story Contest

The Old Man’s Trick by Mirta Oliva

The Boy and the Trickster by Nadine Zimmerman

Misfit Mary of the Modern Age by Steven Shelton

The Legend of Tufaari by Rebecca Lacey

Nicholas vs. Jack – A What If Tale by Todd Folstad

Murder Mystery Night by Gene Hilgreen

The Shopping Bag by Elaine Faber

Dreamland by Tom Russell

Go Ask Elrod by Karen Beck

A Final Note by Doug Clarke

Music Man by Shelley Harris

Beyond the Thermostat by David Russell

The Third Time’s the Charm by Cyndy Kellerstedt

A Fish Tale by Patricia Yeager

The Favoured Child by Connie Flanagan

Too Many Wishes by Maggie West Bean

Rhymes With Ear by Lucy Lewis

Friday the Thirteenth by Joyce Shaughnessy

Too Smart to be Conned by Lynn Johnston

Father of Horses, Mother of Battles by Randall Lemon

Rocky Mountain by Robert Strobel

Choice by Jot Russell

Why the Wind Howls by Alli Vaughan

The Relic Seller by Scott Amis

My ‘So Called Elena’ by Sylvia Stein

Shifty by Mike Boggia

Lesson Learned by Lynette White

The Barkin Incident by Shae Hamrick

Internet Access by Dorthe Moller Christensen

Trick or Treat by Mary Agrusa

The Son, the Father, and the Mother by Alison Bauzys, Scotland

Emeralds by Helen Blenkinsop

A Requiem for Anna by Victor Christensen