October 2013 Short Story Contest

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A Free Short Story Contest

The Skeleton in the Closet by Mirta Oliva

Endless Possibilities by Gene Hilgreen

Truffie and the Leger Hotel Ghost by Elaine Faber

Dry Bones by Mike Boggia

Nanodeath by Todd Folstad

A Kiss in the Rain by Nadine Zimmerman

The Epiphany by Joyce Shaughnessy

Creep Out by John Funke

The Last Laugh by Nina Adam

Back From the Dead by Mary Agrusa

Beneath the Trees by Karen Beck

Walking in the Dark by Rebecca Lacy

Booted by Randall Lemon

Lasting Friends by Shae Hamrick

Bump by Allen Quintana

Intruder by Lynette White

Skeletons in the Family by Karen Hopkins

Rob Fenrick by Fred Burwick

Never Look Back by Patrick Owen Wilson

The Impossible Dream by Shelly Harris

Jack the Lad and Bessie by Helen Blenkinsop

Eternity by John Holbrook

Afterlife, Afterdeath by Andy Lake

The Silver Seraph by Scott Dutton

A Journey by Douglas Clarke

A Night at the Graveyard by Dorthe Moller Christensen

Moving On by Arlene Lagos

From Emmy With Love by Sylvia Stein

Return (Please Return) by Victor Christensen

My Therapy by Robert Strobel

Speak No Evil by Maggie West Bean

Skeletons and Fairies by Nathan Baker

Dying to Be Your Friend by Glenda Reynolds

Resting in Piece by Dave Salvi

Ennui by Neil Carroll Ellison