November 2013 Short Story Contest

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A Free Short Story Contest

Sunset Crown by Heather Marie Schuldt

The Bejeweled Crown of Thespea by Nadine Zimmerman

Emma In Wonderland by Gene Hilgreen

View by Mike Boggia

Deck Fifty-Two by David Russell

The King and Queen of Clubs by Joyce Shaughnessy

Black Cat and Angel’s Journey by Elaine Faber

Rain by Shae Hamrick

In Pursuit of a Dwarf Planet by Mirta Oliva

Chicken and Asparagus by Nina Adam

The Jiagu-Crown by Victor J.M. Christensen

Heavy Hangs the Head by Randall Lemon

Forsake Thy Bloodline by Alli Vaughan

The Crown by Tom Russell

More Than Just Window Dressing by Connie Flanagan

Shanala by Robert A. Strobel

Even Steven by Mary Agrusa

For the Love of Vashti by Sylvia Stein

Fair’s Fair at County Fair by Shelly Harris

The Premier of Wonderlove by Todd Folstad

Watcher in the Plaza by Karen Hopkins

Window on the World by Dorth Moller Christensen

World Net Utopia by Glenda Reynolds

Red Rising by Randy Dutton

Cassie’s Crown by Lynn Johnston

The Crown of Thorns by Craig Teal

After the Flood by Helen Blenkinsop