January 2014 Short Story Contest

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A Free Short Story Contest

B9 by Todd Folstad

Something for a Change by Rejoice Denhere

The Invisible Man by Elaine Faber

Shadowman by Shelly Harris

The Chameleon by Karen Hopkins

Birds Of a Feather by David Russell

Deep Space by Greg Roll

Horror of the Hidden Cult by F. Burwick

Dancing with Lizards by Helen Blenkinsop

Someone Beautiful by Rebecca Lacy

The Encounter by Tema Merback

Rebirth by Gene Hilgreen

Martin’s Major Makeover by Randall Lemon

Changing Fortunes by Harry Alexiou

The Wyrd Woman by Dorthe Moller Christensen

About Face by Mike Boggia

The Change by Lynette White

Second Eve by Tracy Craft

Adolescent Love by Nina Adam

A New Beginning and Life by Sylvia Stein

The Bus Stops Here by Mary Agrusa

Eggs by Shae Hamrick

Before the Shadows Cast by David Brown

The Associate by Jot Russell

The Brew by Douglas G. Clarke

Flecks of Gold by Timothy Paul Heins

Just a Kiss by S.M. Kraftchak

Return and Regret by Victor J.M. Christensen

A Simple Change by Laura Wormuth

Walking Steps by H. Zala

Endless by Andy Lake