What’s Happening at Writers 750? Feb. 2014

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What’s Happening at Writers 750? Feb. 2014.

Writers 750 began in November 2012, seven months after the Writers 750 free monthly contest had been up and running in the Writers group. The contest remained in the Writers group for a total of 15 months. Writers 750 started as a group where writers from the monthly contest could get together and talk about our short stories, compare notes about the craft of fiction writing and publishing, learn new publishing options, and find out what kind of novels everyone is working on. Many times the contest “floated to the bottom” and seemed to be missing or hard to find, so a small group made good sense because people could easily find the link to the contest. While the contest was located in the Writers group, it continued to thrive with enough good feedback to stomp out the fire and to keep providing this free contest. Since then, this Writers 750 group has grown, and members are welcome to talk about more than just the monthly short story contest. Last summer in July 2013, the free monthly contest moved over to the FWG (Fiction Writers Guild) group at Linked In, with the owner’s approval, where the monitoring is effective. This month is the 23rd consecutive month for the contest, and it is called FEBRUARY FURS. You are invited to post a short story by Feb. 25 in FWG. In April of this year, the contest will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary.

What Are Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear from you to get your opinion about Writers 750. My hope is that you make good connections by posting comments and by letting others get to know you. If there is anything I can do to make this group a better writers group, please let me know. If anthology publication is not a goal for you this year, please consider being in a round robin to develop a novella with a team of four or five writers.


I am very happy to announce that book 3, Giant Tales World of Pirates, will be launching on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014. We are currently in the PreMedia stage with a final proofread, and we are finding people to place reviews. I invite you to read this anthology and place a review at Amazon. Several of the pirate stories from this anthology came from the January 2013 contest, Pirates. Stories were only placed in the anthology if the story was approved with a maximum PG-13 rating and the author gave formal written permission.

Giant Tales World of Pirates (Book 3)

In your review, please note whether you enjoyed the stories and if you like the book cover. Thank you so much!



This month you can find the contest, FEBRUARY FURS, in the group, FWG. Professor Nancy Ellen Dodd has been so kind to offer her book as a prize each month, The Writer’s Compass. Thank you, Nancy! Nancy is a writer, a university instructor, and an editor with two master’s degrees in writing. In FEBRUARY FURS, we might be able to develop an anthology with these stories if there are enough stories (we need about 40 great stories). Please post your story by Feb. 25, 2014 in FWG.

Thank you for being a member at Writers 750.

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