Giant Tales Dangerous Days (Book 4)

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Giant Tales 3-Minute Stories

is proud to present:

Dangerous Days

(Book 4)

~ 53 Stories ~

Themes include:

One Hot Day, Dangerous Days, Crowns, & Another World


Authors: Joyce Shaughnessy, Tom Russell, Andy McKell, Todd Folstad, Randall Lemon, Sylvia Stein, Arlene Lagos, Mike Boggia, Glenda Reynolds, J.R. O’Neill, H.M. Schuldt, Gene Hilgreen, Mirta Oliva, Alli Vaughan, Lynette White, Connie Flanagan, Neil Carroll Ellison, D C Mills, David Russell, Rebecca Lacy, Karen Beck, Shelly Heskett Harris, Lynn Johnston, Mary Agrusa, Karen Hopkins, A.A. Abbott, Craig Teal, Shae Hamrick, Robert A. Strobel, VJM Christensen, Tim Girard, Elaine Faber, & Randy Dutton.


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