July Lottery – A Short Story Contest

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Wen by Steven Shelton

A Surprising Turn of Events by Mirta Oliva

The Irish Lottery by Todd Folstad

The Alaskan Adventure by Elaine Faber

The Other Side Of Life by Rejoice Denhere

Jules and the Rose by Gene Hilgreen

The Winner by Karen Beck

Winning Isn’t Everything by Stephanie Baskerville

The Ticket by Tom Russell

The Leaflet by Tim Girard

Hallelujah In Another Dimension by David Russell

The Worthy Recipient by Lynn Johnston

Doing My Research by Dorthe M Christensen

Living the Dream by Lynette White

Sandor’s Dream by Suzanne H Ferris

Winners by Mike Boggia

Sani-Flush by Mary Agrusa

Establishing Contact by Randall Lemon

What a Day by J.R. O’Neill

Embers of Love by Glenda Reynolds

Breaking Faith by Connie Flanagan

Lottery Dream by Shelly Heskett Harris

If you missed the short story contest,

please check back in August 2014

for the next free monthly contest

for creative fiction writing.

Word count is 750-1,000.

Stories are due on the 25th of the month.