*NEW* Writers 750 Program

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Writers 750 is pleased to present a brand new opportunity for fiction writers. After thirty-six consecutive months of providing the Writers 750 Contest from April 2012-February 2015, a writing program has been developed.

A *new* Writers 750 Program is available to the public as a four-year fiction  program for creative writers. The writing program has been designed for fiction writers to explore a new theme each month while learning tips to writing quality fiction. Writers will gain knowledge and experience by producing a short story each month, taking it at an individual pace.

The program is set up for writers to develop a new short story in each class, one class per month, beginning in the fall semester. Writers can start at any time during the three semesters that are offered each year. Classes are held year-round for four years. It is recommended, however, that writers begin as a freshman and start with the first month in the fall. The fall semester runs from September to December. The winter/spring semester runs from January to April. The summer semester runs from May to August. Writers will work independently. Writers can refer to the Giant Tales books to read examples that relate to each class. Click on the “Writers 750 Program” in the menu bar and scroll down to “Year 1” to get started.