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Writers 750 Program for AUGUST 2016

As a fiction writer, you are invited to participate in a *free* workshop this month called HOUSES 112. Challenge yourself to use your fiction skills. Add to your portfolio each month in the Writers 750 Program.


1.) Explore the concept of writing about a “familiar house” in your fiction story. Writing a story with a familiar house from an author’s childhood is a past all time favorite approach that many authors use. The task of reflecting on a familiar house is a common way for fiction writers to explore and describe settings. You can do this any number of different ways. Select a house from your past – your own past or someone else’s, a house from a favorite book, movie, cartoon, dream, or television show. You might want to focus on describing the atmosphere built around a simple plot. One time, I read an author’s short story; it had a lot of detail about the setting, but there was no plot! Don’t get so lost in the detail that you forget to develop a plot. Remember, your story must include a plot.

Types of Houses: (anything from a normal house to a house in another world)

Bed & breakfast, hotel, motel, etc.Houses for sale, abandoned, or renovated.

House of cards: a metaphor pertaining to something of a fragile or volatile nature

House of dimes: a house where ten fabulous people live together, preferable in such a manner that they attract a large fan base in town and frequently throw parties. (

Miscellaneous houses: “In the house” (auditorium, theater, etc.)

Topics on houses in the Bible: Building Houses, Destruction of Houses, Entering Houses, Filling Houses, Houses Under Attack, Living in Houses, Metaphorical Houses, Royal Houses

Explore other interesting houses such as Herod’s temple, the Taj Mahal, the White House, famous houses, haunted houses, house for the homeless, nursing home, etc.

2.) Write an original short story of 750-1,000 words, based on the concept of using “a house” from your research. Deadline to finish writing your story is the 25th of the month.

3.) Optional challenge: Include something hidden and found in an attic, storage room, or a basement.

4.) You have the option to email your story to by the 25th of the month. Include your story pasted in the email, your name, and title. Selected stories will receive up to three beta readers by email during the last five days of the month.

All fiction writers work independently.