How To Begin the Writers 750 Program

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Welcome to the Writers 750 Program!
You can begin the program at any time. Writers in the program are welcome to work at your own pace, but the suggested time period is to write four short stories in four months. For example, you can write one short story per month over four months or develop a full novel over four months. You will work independently. Try to go in order and not skip ahead. Begin with the Freshman Year.
You are welcome to join the Writers 750 group at Goodreads. You can connect with other writers, editors, and publishers.
The purpose of this program is to use your skills as a creative writer. Writers get ideas from many different sources including the news, classic literature, old documents, from personal experience, and from research. Stick with the 4-year program and earn a Writers 750 Creative Writing Program certificate of completion.
At Writers 750, you are encouraged to use your skills to explore certain themes and gain new skills by practicing the art of writing. You can take the classes independently or register one class at a time to receive class instruction and earn a creative writing certificate.