HISTORY OF Writers 750

Writers 750 began in April of 2012 when H.M. Schuldt launched the first writing contest, April Beasts, in a group called Writers. There were a total of eight creative authors who participated during the first month. The winning story was written by Tom Barry, author of When the Siren Calls and Saving Jay. Another author from April Beasts was award winning JZ Murdock, author of Gravity Up, a story in Final Ships In the Neighborhood. Harry Alexiou is another award winning author who remained active in the Writers 750 group from the very beginning, contributing stories such as The Bad Stick, Ultimate Potion, Green Fingered Johnny, and Hope & Despair to the anthology, Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors. Alli Vaughan is a multi-award winning author who also remained active during the 3-year contest program. Some of her most prized stories include Aizawa Tavern, Sysa’s Star, Bake and the Predator, and Wedding Masks from the anthology Giant Tales From the Misty Swamp.  Stephanie Baskerville is another award winning author who remained in the Writers 750 group from the beginning; producing her masterpiece, The Apocalyptic Diaries from the anthology Lava Storm In the Neighborhood. Nikki Rosen, Torgrim Mellum Stene, and KJ Rabane also presented a piece of writing in the April Beasts contest, which made the competition even tougher. Nikki Rosen is the author of In the Eye of Deception, which won the Word Guild Award. Her stories have been published in various anthologies. It was a successful kick off month, and since then there are hundreds of authors who participate.

Each month, the Writers 750 Contest pressed on with great success, continuing for thirty-six consecutive months from April 2012-March 2015. Since the very beginning, hundreds of fiction authors have jumped in to participate and explore monthly themes which leads to the development of stories and novels. Top winning stories can be found in the following Giant Tales anthologies:

Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors

Giant Tales From the Misty Swamp

Giant Tales World of Pirates

Giant Tales Dangerous Days

Lava Storm In the Neighborhood

Final Ships In the Neighborhood


H.M. Schuldt closed the official Writers 750 Contest in March of 2015. As a result, the Writers 750 Program was established in 2015, a place where fictional writers can continue the art of writing fiction. Writers can now join the 4-year writing program at writers750.com and begin as a freshman. To get started, go to the home page and click on Writers 750 Program and then Year 1. The 4-year program includes twelve writing classes each year.