Q:  What does the “750” stand for in Writers 750?

A:  At Writers 750, fiction writers can explore story themes and writing prompts each month. Originally, a 750-1,000 word count was the target range so that writers could review stories each month.


Q:  Can writers write more than 750 words?

A:  Writers are encouraged to stay within the range of 750-1,000 words when turning in a story for review, but many writers are inspired to write a novella or a novel.


Q:  How did Writers 750 begin?

A:  Writers 750 began in April of 2012 when the first short story contest, April Beasts, was posted in the writing group. The monthly prompts continued for thirty-six consecutive months, led by Heather Marie Schuldt. At any time, writers can participate in the 4-year Writers 750 Program.


Q:  How Can I Start the Writers 750 Program?

A:  Hover over the “Writers 750 Program” on the menu bar and scroll down to see the four-year program. It is suggested that you begin the program in the fall with “year one,” however, many writers jump in at any time during the year. The program is currently free and open year round, divided into trimesters. Each “class” is independent and has, in the past, operated one month at a time. Each trimester consists of four classes which can be taken one month at a time, covering a period of four months. Research, discipline, and story development is taken seriously by each writer.