2.) Sophomore Year: World of Pirates

Writers 750 Program

Sophomore Year: World of Pirates

Twelve Classes 201-212



Pirates 201

Bram Stoker 202

Lewis Carroll 203

Tricksters 204


Nephilim 205

Gamblers 206

Lovecraft 207

H.G. Wells 208


Therapy 209

Rituals 210

Jane Austin 211

J.M. Barrie 212

For more information about stories

that have been inspired from these classes,

please read the following 3-minute stories from:

Giant Tales World of Pirates (Book 3)

Gryffon Master (Fantasy Novella)


You can begin the program at any time. Writers in the program are welcome to work at your own pace, but the suggested time period is to write four short stories in four months. You can write one short story per month over four months, for example, or develop a full novel over four months. You might even work more quickly by polishing up one short story per week. You will work independently. Try to go in order and not skip ahead.
You are welcome to join the Writers 750 group at Goodreads and Facebook. You can leave a link to your website or blog at both locations. You can leave comments about your story. You have an option to connect with other writers, editors, and publishers.
As a creative fiction writer in the Writers 750 Program, you are encouraged to use your skills to explore certain themes and gain new skills by practicing the art of writing. The second year of the program focuses on some further development as a serious fiction writers. You will finish each trimester with four stories.