Year 1, Second Trimester Directions

Year 1, SECOND TRI-MESTER Directions:
Over four months from January to April, we will take a look at the following four writing classes: Corruption 104, Atmosphere 105, Plots 106, and Disguises 107. (These classes are FREE!) You have the freedom to work with these four themes any way you want. You can work with them one at a time each month or you can work with them all at the same time over four months. You can select one theme or any combination that works for you. Your story can be short or you can develop it into a full blown novel.
  • CORRUPTION 105 – For authors who explore corruption, it is important to become familiar with concepts such as immorality, depravity, physical deterioration, uncleanliness, or unpleasantness in general. Challenge yourself to read a variety of stories from the second chapter, Beasts, in Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors, and see if you can identify an evil king, an evil ruler, or some other type of corrupt beast.
  • ATMOSPHERE 106 – When you consider a specific atmosphere, it will help a great deal if you reflect on the location where you grew up as a child. Think of a time when you experienced something shocking or unusual or delightfully unique as a child. Then take that experience to a new or different level if you want to. Challenge yourself to read the second chapter, Climate, from Giant Tales From the Misty Swamp, and see if you can detect if the authors have perhaps explored a childhood location.
  • PLOTS 107 – By working with a certain type of plot, authors can follow a standard guideline for an adventure, a rescue, an escape, or a pursuit plot. To better understand the process of story development, you should be able to identify plots and eventually become a master at writing a classic plot. Fiction authors are encouraged at Writers 750 to practice working with one plot at a time to gain a strong understanding of the building blocks to writing a good story. For example, when writing a story based on an escape plot, what will be the initial crisis and what will drive the rising action? Challenge yourself to find the plot from each of the short stories from chapter two in Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors and Giant Tales From the Misty Swamp.
  • DISGUISES 108 – As an author, you will need to learn how to unfold information to your reader in a way that is interesting. One way to keep your reader engaged is to provide surprises or unexpected situations from the beginning to the end. Another way to keep your reader turning the pages is to present a series of obstacles. Challenge yourself to find the disguises from the fourth chapter, Masks, in Giant Tales From the Misty Swamp.
Year 1, Second Trimester Resources:
Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors (Book 1)
Giant Tales From the Misty Swamp (Book 2)
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